The Mt Periscope Houses  -  Mt Stuart, Tasmania


The mt stuart periscope houses examine the potentiality of providing comfortable 4 bedrooms homes on a standard 800sqm alotment in the inner city suburb of mt stuart, in tasmania. The clients desire to occupy the front unit meant we could configure a very spatious and well services family home with 6metre high ceilings, private master suite wing & over 50sqm of private open space in the cover front verandah & quiet rear cloistered courtyard, for which the user can indulgent in a bath, whilst looking onto a serene minimalist garden. 3 of the 4 bedrooms have direct access onto a private outdoor space & the split level kitchen is elevated over the large 50sqm living space, prividing a centre core & focal point for the family home. A large periscopic truncated pyramidal roof window is situated above this space to provide a rich well let center & combat the deliberately deep floor plate of the pentagonal shaped floor plan. With expansive views across the derwent river/ valley and past the famous mona art gallery, these home are situated on the crest of mt stuart. The national park sits directly behind the site & is consciously combatted for fire risk with durable & fire proof domestic building materials. The white steel arbour / veil conceals the underbelly of the homes & provides a design response and cross bracing which structurally enhances and prevents the buildings from swaying on the elongated steel columns during periods of strong winds/ harsh weather (typical to these exposed tasmanian sites).

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