The Mt Cygnet Stegosaurus  -  Cygnet, Tasmania


The Mt Cygnet Stegosaurus tells the tale of the grandfather of the dairy farming family: behind the evolution and hard work, dedication and optimism that allowed the business to blossum.


As a staged masterplan, the family wish to investigate tourism as possible source to diversify their business operation and share their pristine 100 acre property with guests from all over the world. The stegosaurus is situated as if a piece of public art or sculpture, blending into the grassy green knoll that forms the landscape, with picturesque view of the cygnet bay, yacht club and gentles rolling hills and ocean, into the distance.


The proposed cabin features 2 sleeping pods, a kitchenette pod and a bathroom pod, with the spine of the beast providing lots of daylight and private views to the sky and distance landscape.


The alternative variations for the post wedding chapel pavillion (pictured in black and white) and the dawn pavillion provide changing narratives: the post wedding chapel pavillion is seen as an artistic interpretation of the ceremony of marriage with zoomorphic qualities that relate to the dairy cows and the dawn pavillion provides a stainglass, colourful and optimistic experience that relates to the kindness and warmth that the familys grandmother dawn is widly remembered for.

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