The Demountable Exhibition  -  Tasmania


The demountable exhibition pavillion is an architectural investigation into the potential for a semi-permanent exhibition and convention centre to hold 5000-10000 seasonal guests. The primary and permanent buildings establish a perimeter for the event space & are easilY leased for different community events/ groups or small businesses, whilst the large membrane roof can be demountable and installed to enclose the large floor area that sits residually between the scalloped individual structures. The central mast or spire provides a tensile structural hinge point for distributing and connecting steels cables to structurally reinforced transfer points located on the edges of the scalloped structures. Influenced by paul scheerbarts visionary novel 'the gray cloth', the building finds a stronh spiritual and iconic quality thru the aid of its large fragmented multi-coloured translucent fabric roof structure- resulting in a spectacle of coloured light and shadow play throughout the day. The plaza/ground plane is paved to create a civic space that be actively used with or without the roof structure throughout different times of year. The primary stakeholder is a religious organisation who often speak of contributing to community, both spiritually & for the benefit of the performing arts/ humanities / social wealthfare.

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