The Collingwood Warehouse Bar  -  Collingwood, Victoria


The collingwood warehouse bar examines a popular and fashionable warehouse conversion/ pop-up / demountable business operation for thr temporary leasing and low budget fitout of a warehouse in collingwood.


The client brief called for a multi functional bar with a space for functions, events and film screenings, as well as a place to rest (striped folly) & main bar area. The architectural narrative engages with the tormented & post industrial history of the area and football team, who are infamous for their overbearing spirit & provocation of other australian football teams. This is a jarring architecture, in the spirit of a colourful, patternated affair, decorated to create conflict to the eye.


The small, imagined industrial factory folly is billowing smoke & terminating within the confines of the existing warehouse shell. The bar will be open for a period of 12 months, before a new narrative emerges in another part of melbourne.

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