The Childcare Playcentre  -  Burwood, Victoria


The childcare playcentre is a purpose built facility for 80 children in burwood. The inventive architecture appears as a modern castle, with fortifications and medieval gangways as you enter from the main road.


The building is elevated over the gently sloping site, to allowe the excessive, though necessary carparking requirements to meet government standards.


A rooftoop terrace is employed to acheive maximum outdoor discoverable play spaces for the children and the floor plan provides several separable zones where different age groups can interact or be separated. The front massing of the building contains all services and administration facilities, whilst the rear section can be closed off into 3 large classroom environments or opened into 1 open plan indoor play space, in the event of bad weather or severely high temperatures - which are both recurring attributes of the melbourne 4 seasons in 1 day weather.


Clusters of childrens play spaces interact both with the fabric and facade of

the building envelope & further spatial figurations and discovery occur thru the arrangement of small villages of play equipment & cubby houses.


An undulating terrain presents a safe and engaging landscape for the children at the ground and the elevated fortified facade on the roof terrace level combat sound & privacy concerns to adjacent neighbouring sites. This is a vibrant socially rich program which we are delighted to engage with & an area we see ourselves working in thru other projects and opportunities.

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