The Science Research School  -  Coburg, Melbourne


The science research school is a proposal for a purpose built high school-year12 facility where students are indulged in vocational technological and scientific research and field experience. The australian government has established the STEM program as a bridge to offering funding and facilitate the establishment of a new facility that can prepare students with valuable work/study experience in industry areas of particular benefit to the australian society & on the international stage. This is a very special opportunity for us to explore the formation of the new learning environment, which raises questions about effective learning spaces for young people and flexible industry event spaces. The architectural analogy of an acquarium or stage set design, provides a relatable insight into a transparent , multi-layered & interactive series of spaces could organically flow, operate for different events simultaneously, without the need to emphasise the closed traditional classroom environment. The students can feel a sense of independence and choice thru the many interactive scenes, whilst a playful and lightfilled environment is further enriched thru several direct access points to partially and exposed external 'outdoor' classroom spaces.

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