The Manta Ray Bay Swimming Centre  -  Tasmania


The manta ray bay swimming and recreation centre is part of a larger masterplan that includes the demountable convention centre & masl hotel projects respectively. The sequence of civic: cultural & commercial programs are are seemingly public facilities, which can contribute to a broader spiritual and social wealthfare of the chosen site, currently at undisclosed location for political reasons. The premise for the manta ray bay swimming centre is to introduce health and well being into the local community, as a kind suggestion of positive social , spiritual and physical well being. The architecture finds a place between the organic tradition & spirtual dimension, a hybrid of architectural characters and hypothesised ideologies, which are optimistic and open in their gesture. Like our clients the structure is unusual and ambitious within its dimension & figuration, stern yet calm, peaceful and respectful to all it comes in contact with. 

We believe architecture has the capacity to be relatable to its inhabitants thru spatial, visual & emotive representation & this proposal envelopes all 3 of those principles. 

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