The Cambodian Markethall & Orphanage  -  Phnom Penh, cambodia


The cambodian markethall and orphanage is a dynamic public project, commissioned by a local developer in partnership with a religious organisation. The structure creates a large covered civic plaza space, which can operate throughout the year regardless of tropical or severe weather pressures.


This is an organic architecture which is alive, breathes comfortably and passively treats, cools and encloses the space. It is a calm, quiet ceature that

is respectful to the cultural and symbolical heritable fabric of its surrounds.

It encourges trade & enterprise within the community, has a spiritual dimension & regular events & provides a refuge for children whom come from remote parts of the country, whom dont have access to an education or future working opporunities.


The markethall provides financial support to the orphanage and ensures the children an education and potential future working opportunity thru association with and access to other civic facilities in Phnom Penh. This is a true mixed use/ hybrid architecture.

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