The Villa Luxury Hotel  -  Southern Tasmania


The villa luxury hotel is a concept design for a 5 star luxury hotel in southern tasmania.


The design was imagined as a literal and metaphoric expression of the double happiness symbol is chinese matrimonial culture, along with the precursory architectural language of a faux tuscan villa, that is existing on the subject site.


The symbol acted as a generator for the floor plan and layout of the hotel and amenity spaces to provide a rich set of medieval or romanesque spatial qualities thru the architecture and landscape. The 4 wings or self contained courtyards provide private intimate spaces for larger groups of visitors or families with whom stay at the venue. These are arranged into clusters of 8-12 rooms, which directly link to central bar, restaurant and lounge spaces, whilst providing easy access out of the complex and into the landscape.


Simon worked as the lead design architect, in partnership with his father marco linardi, who is an iconic residential designer in hobart. Simon was responsible for the  conceptual agenda and design presentation drawings pictured & continues to work in conjunction with marco to see the development come to fruition. As a practise we support collaboration with different offices, where past experiences help to shape and strengthen architectural outcomes. We are currently conducting partnerships in australia, china, vietnam & mexico. 

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