The Mask Hotel  -  Tasmania


The mask hotel is a cultural hotel concept whereby guests are invited to engage in western and eastern cross cultural exchange. The mask is used as a theme within the hotel to allow guests to wander around and be part of the atmosphere and performance for functions, events, musical performances and diplomatic dinner parties, networking events etc. the hotel is situated along with 3 other hotel buildings, each performing a different role within the masterplan and thematic experience for guests. The clients vision is to allow people to experience many layers of the chinese culture during a 2/3 day stay, by moving between the different hotels and amenities. A civic plaza, museum, swimming centre and convention centre provide a range of amenities for locals and visitors to interact and enjoy musical performance, marketplaces and general health and recreation. The hotels can double up as accomodation for larger groups of guests who attend exhibitions, conventions or seminars at main hall. 

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