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ATELIER CARTEL is a multi-disciplinary Architecture, Design & Art studio: Atelier of Architect/Artist Simon Linardi.

We focus on imaginative architectural solutions that offer our clients a rich sense of belonging.


We seek to work with ambitious clients, who are looking for unique solutions that suit the needs of their lifestyle, budgets & purpose: each project is carefully designed, considering the immediate and broader environmental forces of the site, specific cultural dimensions & financial requirements.

We specialise in organic architecture which is born from a diverse range of environmental, cultural & social dimensions. Our buildings are storybooks of our clients: a record of their histories & aspirations. We cater for clients who wish to celebrate thinking 'outside of the box.' 

Understanding that great results come from a strong sense of collaboration with our clients/consultants & craftspeople, we aim to align our clients with skilful contractors/craftspeople to ensure their needs are realised with care & consideration. We provide research into materials & their atmosphere: often reaching beyond the ordinary for a special response.


We are strongly focussed on ethical & sustainable environmental solutions - believing that nature gives many clues about the appropriateness of our solutions: a legacy that extends from our ancestors.  We are not afraid on challenging sites, with many of our buildings engineered to withstand heavy windows, corrosive environments and the steep terrain that is so prevalent within the Tasmanian environment. 

We  contribute to the ongoing development of our field thru university: academic training of architecture students at Melbourne Polytechnic - Bachelor of the built environment.

We are prepared to work internationally, thru strong partnership capacity with architects/craftspeople & manufacturers in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, United states & South America. We are currently collaborating with Milanese firm 'studio zarcola' on a project in Milan, Italy. 

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Simon Linardi  Architect/Director
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